Frequently Asked Questions



How can I book an appointment with Michelle?

Simply dial 713-623-2900. Michelle is available to schedule a personal consultation. She will discuss your current style and desired end result. She will speak with you personally to answer questions and address concerns. You may also fill out the Contact Form to request your Consultation.

What happens during a Consultation?

For a detailed explanation please see the Consultation page.

Am I a candidate for hair extensions?

For hair extensions, I usually recommend that the crown hair needs to be a minimum of about four to six inches in length, however, there may be health issues relating to you and your hair that may prevent hair extensions from being an option. In rare cases for those clients with special needs, our professional REMY human hair extensions has advantages over other hair extensions. REMY human hair is the highest grade of real human hair and the preferred choice for hairpieces and wigs. This gives them the added advantage of integrations of hair enhancements to work along side of the extensions if the client has the need. This is an option other companies do not have. This service is totally custom and specialized to one’s individual need.

If I don't qualify for hair extensions, is there another option for me?

Yes! You might want to consider a REMY Human Hair accessory like HALO COUTURE. It is detachable. You can watch a video for HALO COUTURE here.

How much do our Professional Hair Extensions cost?

Prices range from $1,000 to $4,000 but on average are under $2,000 for an application and vary depending on the desired effect. Factors that influence pricing are current length and thickness vs. desired length, thickness. On average $1,000 thickens and adds volume to increase the density. (Firm price quotes are given during YOUR OWN complimentary consultation due to the many variables that can affect the final price.) Our professional hair extensions are totally custom designed to achieve the look, color, and style you desire. In very specialized cases due to extreme length or a custom integrational hairpiece, price is quoted at the time of consultation.

How long do hair extensions last and how often do I need maintenance?

It depends on the integrity of your own hair and how fast your hair grows and the method of application. Usually most clients feel the need to get maintenance every 8-12 weeks. With proper home maintenance, these extensions can be used multiple times. Hair grows on an average of about 1/2 inch a month. When extensions are closest to the scalp they are the least detectable.

…for Hair Extensions

How long does this process take?

The application will take 1 to 3 hours depending on the variables previously mentioned. Once extensions are applied, the hair is cut and styled to blend the hair into the extensions to eliminate demarcation and prevent detection. Again, the desired finished look is discussed and application is designed accordingly.

Can you match my haircolor?

Our REMY professional hair extensions mimics the level and tonal system of professional hair color. Combined with my expertise in coloring and perming, you are assured of a perfect match. If a perfect match is not an option with stock colors then I will do a custom color blending by mixing several shades to perfectly match your hair. I will take into consideration natural fadage and oxidation that normally exist even in virgin hair. This is one of the many factors that make our professional hair extensions look natural, undetectable, and superior to other extensions companies.

How do I maintain my hair once I have REMY Professional Hair Extensions?

Your hair extensions can be treated much the same as if it was your natural hair. There are certain brushes, shampoos, and conditioning products that are recommended. A loose braid or scrunchee is suggested at bedtime to discourage  tangling while you sleep.


Can I swim and do normal activities?

Yes, but when swimming, if the hair is long, it should be braided and a conditioner applied from the pony tail down (not the scalp) to help repel chlorine or salt water then rinse and shampoo immediately afterwards. Normal activities are usually not a problem, but if the hair is really long, you can braid it or pull it back in a scrunchee.

Can my hair be colored at the same time?

It is recommended that hair be colored or touched up a minimum of 24-48 hours prior to application of extensions.

Can my new hair extensions be styled with heat rollers, curling iron, or round brush?

Yes, your hair extensions may be styled in the usual manner as you would style your own hair. If using a curling iron or a flat iron it is recommended not to use any heating element over 320 degrees.

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