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Are YOU considering hair extensions?

Usually the first thing that comes to mind is LENGTH. You may be thinking, I want 16-inch hair or I want 18-inch hair, maybe even up to 24 inches. 

And yes you want desired length in mind, but that is only a start. There is much more to this picture! The first question I take into consideration with each client is this:

“What is it going to take to give you the best optimal look for the image you have in mind, that you have presented to me.”

Remember that each client is an individual and the techniques, the length and the application I choose will vary from client to client and it is based on how you wear your hair and the end result you desire. Length means nothing if you can walk out in the sun and actually SEE where your hair stops and the extensions start on your head. So this will mean that your extensions need to be custom ordered to match the color of your own hair so they will be UNDETECTABLE. 
Because I have a trained critical eye and a background in working with color, when I work with a client, my color is 100% right on. 

The biggest tell-tale sign of a poor application is when tones and levels of hair color don’t match a client’s own hair or the extensions are poorly applied and are visible.


Now we must talk about a cut for your new hair. The cut is vital and necessitates adding the proper amount of hair pieces to ensure a thickness that will allow for the blending of the cut of your hair into your new extensions without thinning it out. Remember, you DON’T want to see a break line where the extensions begin on your head. I have seen this happen with too many clients, unfortunately for them, they think this is how hair extensions are supposed to look, because they have never had a truly professional job done. You don’t want to put yourself through that nightmare!

It may be true that others may undercut my pricing. But extensions come in all price ranges and my clients are discriminating enough to want the finest quality available on the market. It is a better investment and will look more natural for the life of the extensions. My bottom line includes a lot of additional CUSTOM matching that other extensionists don’t do or don’t have a trained eye for. I also send the client out with a finished cut and style so they will have a complete finished look. In addition, I will answer any questions for them so they can maintain their look at home.


my client

It is MY job through a personalized consultation with you, to design the LOOK you want. Once that is decided upon, I place the order according to that ‘LOOK’. When the order comes in, I inspect it and check it again to be sure it is exactly what I asked for before I apply it. 

I have other sources but I currently buy HAIRTALK® extensions because the quality is there and they will fill my order on my request for customizing. I special order for each client after a consultation so you can be sure that what you get is for you and you alone.

There are too many options in the extensions market with colors (balayage, rooted, naturals etc.) and lengths to resort to relying on inventory. 

I have found that unfortunately some of my best clients are the ones that have had a bad experience with someone else first. Time and again customers have come in with a botched job so bad that I have had to take them all out and completely start over again with a customized new job.

No one wants to spend money and time to go through a bad experience like that.

Many times this was because they did not understand the full picture of what is involved in the complete process of a hair extension service. It is much more than simply buying pieces of hair and having someone attach it.

“I want you to be discriminating enough not to have to get the job done TWICE to get it done RIGHT!” 

On occasion I have discouraged some from getting hair extensions because they could not afford the look they wanted, or they couldn’t afford the maintenance that was required to keep it up right. If you can’t get the look you want, you may not be happy with the end result.

Bottom line for me is I don’t want an unhappy client. I want longevity in a relationship with each client. I appreciate the repeat business so I’m honest and upfront with them. They shouldn’t compromise the look they want if they are unable to get it right.

“Hair Extensions are a big investment and you don’t want to go into this armed with little or no information.”


A full-service hair stylist with a well-rounded background in the beauty industry and 39+ years of experience, I am well-qualified to be your guide.

I build a history with my clients and I get to know their hair and how it behaves and what I need to do individually for each client. Over time, I also get to know your personal tastes and personality type. If there are health issues we need to discuss, this is important to know too. Depending on your circumstance, I will let you know if I think you may not be a candidate for hair extensions at this time and when this might change for you. I will be honest with you about this before you make the investment.

For your own personalized consultation, please call or send in your information below.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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