Michelle Mascari Client Photos

Model 1

Before and After Hair Locs Extensions. This client loved her new hair, she decided to come back for even more length.

Model 2

Michelle removed her old Fusion extensions, as they were improperly color matched and poorly applied. A custom look was then created for her, matching her color with 3 different custom color blends. This makes the extensions virtually undetectable. It is impossible to detect where the clients hair stops and extensions begins. This makes for a contiguous look from the top of her crown to the very end of the length. In addition, it is also necessary to match a clients texture and curl pattern for a truly custom look.

Model 3

After photos only. Hair Locs Extensions added.

Model 4

Michelle applied a Brazilian Blowout to this model. Prior to this, she had poorly applied extensions and improperly matched color, which she asked Michelle to remove. She ordered new custom-blended extensions. The following week, she returned for Hair Locs Extensions.

Model 5

Not every client wants to add length. This client needed volume and fullness to create a softer and more voluptuous look to her hair. Hair Locs Extensions were added to maximize the look. These are photos of the finished product.

Model 6

Brazilian Blowout. Two models - Before and after shots.

Model 7

A specialized service was needed for this client because of a hormone imbalance which resulted in hair loss. Michelle custom designed an integration piece in addition to HairLocs extensions to give the client a look she thought she could never regain.

Model 8

Beautiful luscious hair extensions for this client who came back a second time to add even more length.

Model 9

Hair extensions add volume and body to this clients look.

Model 10

Hair extensions

Model 11

Model 12

Model 13

Hot Heads hair extensions

Model 14

Brazilian Blowout... 1/2 done and 1/2 to be finished. Bottom two photos with the Brazilian Blowout completed! Wow, what a difference. My client loved her results. She couldn't believe it was her hair. She told me before I started she had short hair because it was so curly and shrunk up.

Model 15

client's style and cut

Model 16

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