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About Michelle Mascari…

Michelle Mascari has been in the beauty industry for 39+ years.

She has had extensive training in cutting, styling, and color, including every color situation from dimensional color to corrective color depending on the client’s needs. She has worked with color lines like Framesi and is currently a REGIONAL COLOR EDUCATOR for Itely Hair Fashions. (manufacturers of Colorly 2020 and Delyton)

Michelle has been trained and certified by  several extensions companies,  HAIRTALK™,  HAIRLOCS™, GREAT LENGTHS™, DREAMCATCHERS™ and HOTHEADS and has now secured a business relationship with an exclusive source, who supply professional stylists in the film industry. She is concerned with obtaining the best products possible for her clients.

She is also a CERTIFIED MASTER STYLIST for Brazilian Blowout™ services.

She has the expertise to recommend the process that best fits the needs and is the most cost effective for her clients.

She also combines her knowledge of the beauty industry with her expertise as an extensionist to create the look, style, volume, color, and length to achieve the effect you thought you had to be born with.

Hair extensions, once worn exclusively by Hollywood Celebrities, can now be worn by YOU!

Before contacting Michelle, please take a look at the Consultation page where you may find the answers to your questions.

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